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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Web Offset Printing Machine (Mesin cetak koran-tabloid-majalah) berbahan baku kertas roll, kapasitas produksi 30.000 copies/hour, cetak 4 warna sekaligus. Cocok digunakan utk percetakan koran-tabloid-majalah.
Web Offset Printing Machine
Berikut spesifikasi teknis web offset printing machine tsb…
Mesin Cetak Koran-Tabloid-Majalah
Mesin Cetak Koran-Tabloid-Majalah

Web Offset Printing Machine
Web Offset Printing Machine

NEWSLINE S30 Manugraph-India
NEWSLINE S30 Manugraph-India
Sample hasil cetak koran dan tabloid:
Percetakan Koran-Tabloid-Majalah
Percetakan Koran-Tabloid-Majalah
Year 2002
Full Specification:
  • Speed :  30.000 copies/h
  • Max. Web Width 915 mm
  • Cut-offs    578 mm
  • Two 4HI Towers and Four single units
  • Arch & Reverse arch architecture
  • Toolless plate lock-up, worm & worm wheel blanket lock-up
  • 7-roller inking with 2 forme rollers , brush dampening
  • Motorised registration and cut-off controls with automatic close loop option
  • Standalone flying splicer for Towers / Integrated splicer for Mono units
  • 2:2:2 Jaw Folder, for up to 48 pages tabloid / 1240 jaw folder for up to 96 pages tabloid
  • Manucolor remote ink control system option, CIP3 compatibility
  • Shaftless drive option
  • 3rd fold, double parallel fold, Balloon former, turner bar options
  • Manufacturer : Manugraph – India

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